Power of Possibility

Power of Possibility

My Singing Studio is all about the “power of possibility” in assisting everyday people who have always had the desire to learn singing deep down inside but have never had the right opportunity or support to make it happen.

Many people who come to me have often been told at one stage of another in their life that they can’t sing by a music teacher at primary school or indeed a family member. How sad that is! Time to correct that mistake.

I believe everyone can sing and proven so with many students successfully – singing joyfully and confidently – who have had no music experience at all. I have been teaching everyday people for over twenty years now, while also having a successful performing career.

Put simply, I just love building a student’s confidence with knowledge in a relaxed and positive environment, and know that I do it well.”

I invite you to come and meet me personally at my studio for a no charge initial lesson, to ensure that you feel comfortable with me taking you on the journey of developing your own unique and personal voice. Only a phone call or an email away, I’d love to work with you.

Let’s sing together with ONE VOICE.

Call to Book a Free Singing Lesson on 0400 446 328 or send an email enquiry

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